Terms of Service

Date: 30.1.2020

Content and Terms of Service

The pri­va­te health care ser­vice orga­nized by Soo­ma Oy (herei­naf­ter refer­red to as the Ser­vice), the Brain Sti­mu­la­tion Cen­ter TUUMA (herei­naf­ter refer­red to as the Ser­vice Pro­vi­der), is inten­ded for per­sons with a diag­no­sis of depres­sion. The Terms of Ser­vice regu­la­te the rela­tions­hip between Ser­vice Pro­vi­der and the user of the ser­vice (herei­naf­ter refer­red as User) and the bor­rowing, using, sto­ring and retur­ning of the devices owned by Ser­vice Pro­vi­der.

The ser­vice con­sists of a tDCS treat­ment cycle inclu­ding 30 treat­ment events, a tDCS treat­ment device (Soo­ma tDCS™) bor­rowed for the User’s home use for the dura­tion of the treat­ment period (6 weeks), gui­dance and sup­port from the Ser­vice Pro­vi­der’s repre­sen­ta­ti­ve, optio­nal dai­ly exerci­ses based on cog­ni­ti­ve beha­viou­ral the­ra­py, and an Android mobi­le applica­tion.

If the User does not accept the Terms of Ser­vice, he / she will not be able to use the Ser­vice. Furt­her, the User shall comply with the Ser­vice when exerci­sing Fin­nish law, other applicable pro­vi­sions and good prac­tice.

Privacy Policy

The ser­vice pro­vi­der complies with Fin­nish law when proces­sing per­so­nal data. More detai­led infor­ma­tion on the proces­sing of per­so­nal data can be found in the Patient Regis­ter Pri­vacy Policy, which should be read and accep­ted by Users using the Ser­vice.

Appointment booking and cancellation policy

You can book an appoint­ment for the ser­vice at tuumamedical.com/booking/.

The boo­ked appoint­ment can be cance­led by email (tuuma@soomamedical.com), pho­ne or SMS at +358 504 775 574.

The boo­king made in the boo­king ser­vice is bin­ding. The boo­ked appoint­ment must be cance­led at least 24 hours befo­re start of the appoint­ment. Otherwi­se, the Ser­vice Pro­vi­der has the right to char­ge a non-refun­dable fee of 100 euros.

The home borrowed device

If the device breaks due to the user’s own acti­vi­ty, the user is obli­ged to pay for the repair of the device or, if the device is not repai­rable, the price of the new device. It is not neces­sa­ry for the User to replace the fault caused by the manu­fac­tu­ring errors of the device.

If the device is lost during the loan period, the User is obli­ged to reim­bur­se the Ser­vice Pro­vi­der for a char­ge cor­res­pon­ding to the price of the new device.

In the event of a manu­fac­tu­ring fault or other mal­func­tion, the User will have anot­her device for the treat­ment cycle from the Ser­vice Pro­vi­der free of char­ge.

Responsibility for using the device

The User uses and main­tains the device which is owned and bor­rowed by the Ser­vice Pro­vi­der. the use must be in accor­dance with the instruc­tions and good prac­tices recei­ved by the Ser­vice Pro­vi­der. When retur­ning, the device should be in the same con­di­tion as when bor­rowed.  

Changing the Terms of Use

The Ser­vice Pro­vi­der has the right to uni­la­te­ral­ly chan­ge the­se Terms of Use at any time. Chan­ges to the Terms of Use will be com­mu­nica­ted sepa­ra­te­ly in a man­ner dee­med appropria­te. The Ser­vice User accepts the chan­ged Terms of Use using the Ser­vice after being infor­med of the chan­ged Terms of Use.

Applicable law and dispute resolution

The­se terms of use are gover­ned by Fin­nish law. Efforts are made to resol­ve the dif­fe­rences ari­sing from the terms and con­di­tions by nego­tia­tion. If the sett­le­ment is not nego­tia­ted, the mat­ter will be resol­ved at the Hel­sin­ki District Court.

Patient ombudsman

The Patient Ombuds­man pro­vi­des the patient with infor­ma­tion about his rights and acts to pro­mo­te the rights of the patient. It is the duty of the patient ombuds­man to advi­se and assist the patient, if neces­sa­ry, if he is dis­sa­tis­fied with the treat­ment or treat­ment he has recei­ved. The Patient Assis­tant helps the patient find out about their problem at the hos­pi­tal. He also advi­ses and, if neces­sa­ry, assists the patient in making a remin­der, complaint or patient inju­ry report to the Patient Cen­ter.

The Patient Ombuds­man does not com­ment on the patient’s medical treat­ment deci­sions. Nor does he take a posi­tion on whet­her the patient has been trea­ted for treat­ment. Tii­na Leh­mus­kos­ki is the patient ombuds­man for the brain simu­la­tion cen­ter TUUMA, pho­ne +358 505 324 653. Atlas-patient ombuds­man.