Price List

Upda­ted 2/4/2020

In addi­tion to the treat­ment fees, you will find infor­ma­tion on the pay­ment met­hods accep­ted at the Tuu­ma Cli­nic, as well as the addi­tio­nal depo­sit for the home-bor­rowed device.

Depression treatment period

The cost of a treat­ment period for the symp­toms of depres­sion is € 500. The period lasts six weeks and con­tains 30 treat­ment ses­sions. The treat­ment met­hod is trans-cra­nial direct cur­rent sti­mu­la­tion (tDCS).

Most of the treat­ment ses­sions of the treat­ment period are done inde­pen­dent­ly at home. The sti­mu­la­tor is bor­rowed home for the period.

The treat­ment price inclu­des:

  • Nur­sing con­sul­ta­tion
  • Treat­ment sup­port and advice during the period
  • Home-bor­rowed treat­ment device Soo­ma tDCS™ and instruc­tions on how to use the device
  • Acces­so­ries for the treat­ment device

For the home-bor­rowed device, an addi­tio­nal depo­sit of € 250 will be char­ged. The depo­sit will be refun­ded when the device is retur­ned to Tuu­ma.

Con­tact infor­ma­tion
for TUUMA Cli­nic:

Kuor­ta­neen­ka­tu 2
00510 Hel­sin­ki

+358 50 477 5574


Follow-up period 

If the first period of treat­ment has had a posi­ti­ve effect on well-being, the effect of the treat­ment can be strengt­he­ned by con­ti­nued treat­ment. In Tuu­ma eve­ry 10-week fol­low-up period inclu­des 30 ses­sions. During the fol­low-up period, treat­ment ses­sions are less frequent than during the actual treat­ment period.

Length of the period Num­ber of treat­ments Price
10 weeks 30 treat­ments 350 €
20 weeks 60 treat­ments 600 €
30 weeks 90 treat­ments 850 €
40 weeks 120 treat­ments 1100 €
50 weeks 150 treat­ments 1300 €

The price of the fol­low-up period inclu­des:

  • Nur­sing con­sul­ta­tion
  • Sup­port and coun­se­ling during the fol­low-up period
  • Home-bor­rowed treat­ment device (Soo­ma tDCS™) and instruc­tion on how to use the device
  • Supplies for treat­ments

For the home-bor­rowed device, an addi­tio­nal depo­sit of € 250 will be char­ged. The depo­sit will be refun­ded when the device is retur­ned to Tuu­ma.

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Visit in Tuuma

Come to discuss issues that you may have in mind regar­ding the treat­ment met­hod or the prac­tical imple­men­ta­tion of the treat­ment period in Tuu­ma. The visit is free of char­ge and wit­hout obli­ga­tion.

Payment options

The treat­ment can be paid for eit­her by card pay­ment at the appoint­ment in Tuu­ma Cli­nic or by bank trans­fer in advance. We accept the fol­lowing cre­dit and debit cards: Mas­terCard, Mae­stro, Visa, Visa Elect­ron, V Pay, Ame­rican Express, and Diners Club.

This ser­vice is not inten­ded for use in medical emer­gencies. If you sus­pect you are in a medical or psyc­ho­lo­gical emer­gency, imme­dia­te­ly call the emer­gency num­ber in the count­ry whe­re you are, or go to the nea­rest emer­gency room. In Fin­land the emer­gency num­ber is 112.

MIELI The Natio­nal Men­tal Health Associa­tion of Fin­land’s Men­tal Health Ser­vice pro­vi­des discus­sion assis­tance. In addi­tion to Fin­nish, the emer­gency pho­ne is avai­lable in Swe­dish, Ara­bic and English. The num­ber is 09 2525 0111 and is open eve­ry day and night of the year.